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Ilan's Raw Chocolate

Cincinnati, OH

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No GEMOs No Pesticide
Variety Box - one of each flavor plus an extra of one flavor (we have 8 flavors and 9 chocolates go in the box) We specialize in organic, gourmet 70% Peruvian dark chocolate. Our dark chocolate is imported from an organic, fair-trade farm in the Amazon in Peru - we deal directly with the farmers! We sweeten our chocolate with grade A pure, organic maple syrup. OUR PRODUCTS ARE NATURALLY VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, KETO-FRIENDLY and unmatched in taste and texture. IF THERE IS A VARIETY OF CHOCOLATES YOU DO NOT SEE BELOW, COMPLETE YOUR ORDER AND PAY THROUGH FARMNIVOROUS AND THEN EMAIL CHELSIE WITH YOUR SPECIAL ORDER

Variety Box 70% Chocolate

Purchase Options

Variety Box with extra Coconut plus 2 FREE Classic


5 in Stock

Variety Box with extra Dipped Date plus 2 FREE Classic


2 in Stock

Variety Box with extra Almond plus 2 FREE Classic


2 in Stock

Variety Box with extra Cherry plus 2 FREE Cherry


3 in Stock

To help us offset some extra fees please try to keep your order to $6.00 minimum :) We are grateful for your support of local businesses!

Next Pick Up Locations

Wed Aug 12, 2020

Northside Farmers Market

4222 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45223

4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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