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Wendigo Tea Company

Cincinnati, OH

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Few have seen the Yeti, and even fewer have lived to speak of this truly bizarre beast. Born into Himalayan mountains, this elusive monster is an extremely rare specimen indeed. But legend says that those who steel their nerves and face the terrible Yeti are rewarded with treasures beyond their wildest dreams—if they make it out alive. I have taken comfort and warmed my soul with a handcrafted Himalayan White Tea. Unlike any tea I’ve ever seen before (and I’ve seen quite a bit of tea!), it is made from long, delicate white buds plucked from tea bushes grown at extreme elevation. These supple leaves are handpicked, rolled, woven, and dried slowly to coax out their exquisitely delicate flavor. On closer inspection, these tea leaves appear…almost…as a strange hairy monster. Each hand-woven Yeti bundle can be brewed multiple times, and each brew will give a different flavor. The first brew is mild, yet earthy, and each subsequent infusion will reveal an increasingly gratifying flavor bursting with clover honey and subtle notes of citrus. Just throw one Yeti bundle into your cup, refresh with hot water throughout the day, and sip to your heart’s content. You will love to stare into the eyes of the Yeti as you drink this wild yet bashful beast. Each purchase of Yeti White Tea comes with 10 humongous vacuum sealed hand woven tea beasts. The Yeti can be brewed many consecutive times. See how many delicious cups you can get out of it. (It is genuinely shocking... you really can brew this more than ten times and keep getting delicious tea.)

Yeti White Tea

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Wed Jan 27, 2021

Northside Farmers Market

4222 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45223

4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Curbside: pull into CAIN parking lot between 5:30-6:00 | Pick up at vendor booths

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